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Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena Marie Gomez (July 22nd, 1992) (insp.)

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July 22nd 1992.

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Some days I totally appreciate everything that’s happening to me, and some days I feel everyone’s waiting for me to mess up.

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The way I see emotions in my head, I kinda compare them to colors, like for me, blue is sad. To me, like um yellow and gold, that’s comfort and warmth. There’s this one color that defines a lot of the emotions that I’ve been writing about lately. Really great emotions like frustrations, anger, jealousy, falling in love, falling out of love, heartbreak. All that good stuff, and you know. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the color that defines the emotions that shape us, that teach us things, Red.

It feels like a perfect night to… (insp)

REDESIGNEDTaylor Swift KEDS Be Brave Champaign
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Selena Gomez talks about meeting Brad Pitt.

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